Sea trout fishing in the Baltic Sea

If you want a truly unique fishing experience in the most beautiful archipelago in the Baltic Sea.

The Åland Islands

60°7′N 19°54′Ö

If you want a truly unique fishing experience in one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world.

The Åland Islands is a widespread archipelago with thousands of islands in the middle of the brackish Baltic Sea. Here the chances of catching sea trout are high mostly because over 200.000 smolt are being stocked to the population yearly in the many different fishing areas. This is being done to help keep the threatened wild population healthy. Most fishing is catch and release but naturally you are allowed to keep a nice trout for dinner. The season for fishing sea trout around Åland is when the water is cold so normally from October-May if the sea doesn’t freeze. Your chances of catching fish and finding the best spots are considerably higher by contacting our experienced fishing guides!